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Brake Service: Bloomington IL

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fredBrake Service: Bloomington IL

Fred on BRAKE SERVICE – “Brake repairs are important for your safety and must be done by technicians who know how to do it correctly. We have been doing brake work for over 40 years. The constant change in brake designs keeps us busy learning the latest procedures to do the job right. We use only quality parts and GUARANTEE your satisfaction. We price our brake work so you get the best value for your money, Our customers seem to agree as we get a lot of referral work . . . which we really appreciate!

I could get into a technical discussion on how brakes and their components work, but most people don’t care to hear it. They want the job done right and get on down the road. When we look at your brakes AT NO CHARGE, we tell you what is needed and explain why, answering any questions you may have. We ALWAYS tell you the COST OF REPAIRS UP FRONT and you get to tell us to proceed . . . or “get lost.”

For over 40 years I’ve been frustrated when competitors, franchises and dealers run brake ads advertising “two wheel brakes for only “$69.95” or “50% off on brakes” and a multitude of other bait gimmicks to get you in the door. If you think you are going to get out the door for those prices, you need to do some rethinking!!

We don’t play the numbers game. We tell you the right price up front, explain why and let you decide. My technicians tell me what is needed and are prepared to justify their recommendation knowing that the customer can get an estimate from another shop.

When you come to us you will see we don’t have a fancy place, so you won’t pay fancy prices. However, we do pride ourselves on personal service and reasonable prices. We would really like to have you as our next brake customer!”

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