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Muffler Shop

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Our experts can bend and shape an exhaust for any vehicle. That’s why Fred Groves Servicenter is the number one place to go to if your vehicle is showing signs of requiring muffler repair.

We provide the following muffler shop services:

Affordable pricing

We price our muffler repairs fairly according to their repair and vehicle needs. That means you’ll get a reasonable price, along with quality materials and top-notch service. Our trained experts can solve any car queries and suggest the best course of action to take on your vehicle.

We know it’s not fun to dish out money on unexpected repairs. However, it is economically better to get everything fixed before the problem snowballs and causes more pricey damages to your car.

time for a muffler?Is it time for a new muffler?

The exhaust system in your car controls the harmful emission as well as reduces the noise coming from your car. If you see that your vehicle is making more noise than usual, or if it’s leaving more pollution than normal, you need to get a muffler repair carried out on your car. By getting a new catalytic convertor installed you can reduce the amount of pollution that your vehicle is letting out in the atmosphere. The main job of the muffler is to muffle the sound of the engine. It is accompanied by a resonator which is also known as a mini muffler.

If either the muffler or the resonator stop functioning your engine will create more noise than usual. That’s when you know it’s time for muffler repair. At Fred Groves Servicenter, our skilled mechanics will fix your car in no time. Rest assured you’ll be leaving your car in good hands.

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