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Tire Dealers: Bloomington, IL

tire dealersWhen it comes to tire dealers, you need a name you can trust. After all, your tires will be carrying the most important cargo out there: you, your family, and your friends.

That’s an extremely important responsibility. At Fred Groves Servicenter, we don’t make light of that. If a tire pops on the highway, that could lead to tragic, avoidable injuries or fatalities. We value your safety. That means we work to ensure your tires are road worthy at all times.

Combined Tire Service and Tire Dealer

We are a top auto repair facility offering tire service for your vehicle. We offer all brands at prices meeting any budget. At Fred Groves Servicenter you will find skilled experts, ensuring great quality tire service. We are a one-stop solution if you are looking for a tire dealer as well as tire service for your vehicle. It is essential you address tire service as soon as your car shows signs of faulty tire performance.

As a tire dealer we have options for all sorts of tires, tire rotation and balancing, as well as wheel alignment. We offer easy in-and-out tire repair.

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For an honest tire dealer or tire service in Bloomington, Illinois, look no further than Fred Groves Servicenter. Contact us online today or call at (309) 827-5028.

Spotting a proper tire dealer

Finding an honest tire dealer may seem difficult. So at Fred Groves Servicenter, we've made it easy by coming up with a few basic steps every decent tire dealer will follow. These steps should improve your safety on the road by ensuring the quality of your tires.

Step 1: The maintenance check

The first basic step for any tire dealer is to check for properly inflated tires and tread wear patterns. Under- or over- inflation is the main cause of tire damage. Properly inflated tires improve fuel efficiency by reducing the pressure on engine performance.

Step 2: An honest assessment

The second decision a tire dealer makes is to assess whether or not your car requires new tires. How do you know if it's honest? If the decision is based on the tire molded bars and tread wear. Misalignment and other signs of wear tell you if your current set of tires need to be replaced.

Step 3: Providing options

A good tire dealer will present a number of options according to your budget, such as new tires, cheap tires, discounted tires, used tires and more. Buying cheap tires makes it important to have your car in for regular tire service to assess wear. Used tires aren’t necessarily unsafe if they meet required specifications of your car and the road. Your tire dealer will help you choose the perfect set of wheels according to your vehicle and your budget. Some factors people take into consideration when buying tires are the tire's brand and design. For certain high performance cars, sporty tires and other factors are taken into consideration. After picking your desired set of tires from the tire dealer, it is important to take it to a tire service center to get fixed on by a professional.

Step 4: The checkup

Your safety is critical. A good tire service will want to see you regularly to check up on the tires. By getting timely tire service you can be assured about your safety on the road while driving.

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